We provide software development solutions for PHP, C, C++, Java, Python. In addition we also develop for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets.


The thing that separates SocketScripts from the competition is that we spend a great deal of time on research. Instead of coding as quick as possible, we spend our time to develop quality applications that can easily be scaled and adapted in the future. Although we may not be the cheapest solution on the market, you can be assured that in the future if you wish to have changes made by another developer, an entire rewrite will not be required.

SocketScripts understands that each language is built for a specific purpose and we make sure that the correct language is used for the right task. We've used C/C++ for small web servers, custom control panels, mini firewalls, making use of sockets, pipes and memory allocation functionality where appropriate. Java has been used to build mini Android games for some of our clients, various other Android applications, and we continue to our own KVM VPS management panel written in Java. PHP has been used for a number of projects, such as our very own SocketCS, along other projects for our clients such as email services (Think of Gmail but better) that allow for multiple email accounts to be managed from one place.

We are familiar with all of the latest and well known API and coding standards, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, and have coded custom API's for a wide variety of our customers needs.

If you require custom development of any kind, help with object-oriented design, data structures or problem solving, we can help you.

Interested? Please use our contact page to get in touch with us!