Simple Mail Box Project Information


Administrative Features:
1. View Users
2. Multi Domain Support
3. Quota Support for Mail/Attachment for each domain
4. Attachment Storage Locations
5. Modify System Settings

User Features:
1. Advanced Inbox System
2. Ability to Star Mail, Move Mail Folders/Modify Mail (Read/Unread Properties)
3. Compose with Attachment/Draft Saving Support
4. Custom User Profile
5. Add/Delete Custom Folders
6. Email WhiteList/BlackList Support
7. MailGuard for Spam Email
8. Add/Delete/Edit GuestBook Contacts
9. Email Signature Support

General Features:
1. Well Designed Backend to Split Mail and Attachments Between Tables
2. Open Source

Live Demo

User Demo
Pass: password

Admin Demo
Pass: password


1. PHP 5.5
2. PHP Curl Support
3. PHP MySQLi Support
4. A MySQL Database
5. A VPS/Dedicated Server (Suggested, but not required. In the future, a migration might be required for more advanced features)


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