SocketScripts Projects

1. SocketCS
A billing/client/server management platform to manage and automate a web hosting providers business. This software will allow for clients to place orders, open tickets for support and pay invoices. It also allows for a web hosting provider to setup various servers with different configuration and determine which customer is placed on what server. An extensive base has been created to make invoice generation, support tickets, client management and more all done from one simple interface.


2. SocketWHM
This software is still in the process of being created but it designed to complement SocketCS. It gives an administrator and staff a greater level of control and allows for the setup and deployment of many cPanel servers all from a single interface. One of the most important features is restricting a level of control to a staff member, which would not allow for any staff member to exceed their level of authorization, since direct access to the server is restricted and automated through API's.

3. Hosted Email Services
Very soon we will be making public our own clone of Hotmail/Gmail Hosted Email Services. This will allow domain owners to manage their email accounts and spam filtering for a small fee on our own infrastructure.

4. VPS Control Panel
We are in the testing stages of releasing our own VPS Control Panel that will automate the setup, termination, restore and other basic management tasks for OpenVZ and KVM Linux Based Servers.