Simple File Sharing Project Information


Administrative Features:
1. Add/Edit Site Users
2. Modify Guest/Group Upload Quota
3. Add/Edit/Test Servers (Delete feature coming soon!)
4. Restrict access to site by banning email/IP's.

User Features:
1. Ability to create account/update email/password
2. File Manager tool that allows for the publishing/unpublishing and deleting of a particular file.
3. Restrict downloads by requiring password

General Features:
1. Nginx hotlinking protection
2. API to control access to servers for uploading/deleting of files
3. Open Source

Live Demo

User Demo
Pass: password

Admin Demo
Pass: password


1. PHP 5.5
2. PHP Curl/Mcrypt/MySQLi Support
3. A MySQL Database
4. A VPS/Dedicated Server running Nginx. All mirror servers are required to use Nginx, but the main site can be hosted on an Apache server if needed.
5. General knowledge of how to setup a VPS/Dedicated Server (Installing new software, configuring Nginx/PHP, etc) or willing to pay someone to assist you.

VPS/Dedicated Server REQUIRED!
It's very important that you do not purchase this script to use on a shared hosting server. Shared hosting providers will not allow file hosting sites on their servers.
A VPS or Dedicated Server is required to run this product.


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