Simple WebHost Manager Project Information


System Modules
1. Email Piping to Helpdesk
2. Invoice Generation
3. cPanel/WHM Support
4. Automatic Provisioning
5. Suspension/Un-Suspension based on Payment Status, and/Or Suspension Override date.

Payment Modules
1. PayPal Support

1. Can view knowledgebase/announcements
2. Can place orders if any products exist
3. Can open support tickets, receiving emails to their email accounts upon replies made by staff
4. Are able to register their own user accounts

1. Can view previously sent emails
2. Can view invoices and send payment
3. Can open new support tickets, receiving notifications of replies to their inbox
4. Can update account details

1. View Client List
2. Support Ticket Management (Update/Close/Reply)
3. Order Management (Mark as Approved/Fraud/Pending/Delete)
4. Invoice Management (View Unpaid/Paid Invoices)
5. Automation Settings (Ticket Closure Time Period, Invoice Generation)
6. Payment Gateway Management (Control PayPal Gateway Settings)
7. Product Management (Edit/Add Categories and Products)
8. Server Management (Edit/Add Servers)
9. Email Templates (Edit/Modify Templates)

Live Demo

User Demo
Password: password

Admin Demo
User: admin
Password: password


1. PHP 5.5
2. PHP Curl Support
3. PHP Mcrypt Support
4. PHP MySQLi Support
5. A MySQL Database
6. IonCube PHP Loaders


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